Pitch Slam! Battle of the Bands~


Info Dump a la El

The call went out for a pitch contest where entrants would be able to revise and resubmit before the final round, so this behemoth was born. Introducing the first ever Pitch Slam!


Here’s the deal with the musical theme. Nearly every writer I know has a playlist (or six) they rotate through when they write. On top of that, a slew of tweets where writers paired songs with their manuscripts took over Twitter last week. It’s obvious music is part of writing culture, so we’re gonna celebrate both for the inaugural run.

Everyone here at R&R Talent Inc. knows how valuable feedback on a previous performance is, and how it can strengthen your next show. Our Managers (hosts) are ready to work with their Talent Scouts (slush readers) to hunt down good pitches and first pages, and make them great.

Auditions open at 12:00 AM EST April 20th, and…

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